Swedish Electroforming Technology AB is the successor of Alpha Sweden Electroforming systems.

We are the same group of people that has developed, sold and serviced the successful  Alpha Sweden Stamper making equipment worldwide.

We have many years of experience in optical disc industry, and now we have taken over all Electroforming assets from Alpha Sweden bankruptcy, including Equipment and spare parts.  

We have already started sales of our newly designed Aquarius 3 cell system,  the treatment system Polaris, and our Orion stamper polisher. Supply of spare parts for the world wide installed base of AQE, AQT, AES, Orion, P 250, PPB, PS 200, TS 200 and HS 200.  

We will continue to focus on research and development, and we already have stamper making products that match all requirements necessary, to make new format stampers, such as BD and HDDVD.


For more information, please contact us.


Phone: +46 8 629 47 50
Fax: +46 8 629 47 59



View of our lab